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Uphold login assists you in creating a new account on the platform. The platform allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies. More than seventy cryptos are available for trading. It will assist you in entering the unique world of digital currency. You'll also find instructions for logging into your account. To access the features, you must first verify your account.

Uphold Login Account Advantages

Maintain Debit Card
Trading Robots
More than 70 Cryptocurrencies are available.

How to Make a New Uphold Login Account

You can create a new Uphold Login account by following the steps outlined below:

Open your computer and launch an up-to-date web browser.
Navigate to the Uphold login page.
In the top-right corner, tap the green Sign Up button.
The following page will show you a form.
To create the Uphold account, enter all of the required information.
Then, in the empty box, enter your email id.
Make a safe password for your Uphold account.
Comply with the criteria for a strong password.
In the next area, type the name of the state or province.
Then, from the drop-down menu, choose your citizenship.
Read the entire set of Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.
Finally, check the box and press the Next button.

Steps for Adding Personal Information to Uphold Login

Here's how to add personal information to your Uphold account.

Adding a Mobile Phone Number

To add a mobile number, follow these steps:

Finish the Uphold login process.
In the next box, enter your date of birth.
Then select the Next option.
Enter your mobile phone number.
After that, press the Next button.
To proceed, follow the on-screen prompts.

Address Insertion

Add your address by doing the following:

To begin, sign in to your Uphold login account.
Fill out the first and second boxes with your address.
Then, in the required space, type your city.
In the final box, enter your postal code and press the Next button.

Steps to Confirm Your Login Email Address

To begin, turn on your computer.
Second, open a web browser.
Go to the website associated with your email address.
Enter the email you used to sign up for the platform.
Then, access your Email Account.
Navigate to your email account's Inbox.
Locate the Uphold platform's Verification Email.
You will be sent to a new tab.
Navigate to your Uphold login account's Dashboard.

The Login Procedure for the Uphold Platform

To access your Uphold login account, follow these steps:

Residents of the United States

Follow the steps below to learn about the Uphold Login procedure:

First, enter your active email address.
Then, generate a strong password.
It should have at least eight characters.
Then, choose your country of residence

People living outside of the United States can also sign up for the Uphold login platform. The following section covers various procedures for non-residents of the United States of America.

Non-Residents of the United States

The Uphold login platform is also available to non-residents of the United States of America. Follow the steps outlined below:

First and foremost, enter your full name.
Following that, specify the resident's location.
Then, in the appropriate field, enter your date of birth.
Create a username for your Uphold account next.
The username must include digits, alphabets, and a single low line.
Then, make an Uphold login username score symbol for your account.
There is no requirement for a special character in the username.
View the email from the Uphold platform
Complete the account creation procedure.
Then, press the Get Started button.

Steps to Enable Uphold Two-Factor Authentication

To activate the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) function, you will need your phone number. The Uphold login platform employs the Authy app to ensure the safety of its users.

First, get the Authy app.
Then, on this app, please input your phone number.
Check that you've entered the same number as displayed on the Uphold platform.
Then go to the Sign-Up page.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Finally, complete the registration process.

Procedure for Updating Your Two-Factor Authentication App

You can update your old authentication app by following these steps:

To begin, access your Uphold login account.
Go to the Security tab.
Select the 2FA option in your account settings.
Enter the Authy 7-digit verification code.
Begin the installation procedure.
Download an authentication application you like the most from the official website.
Scan the QR code from the Uphold login online or mobile app.
In the app, please make a new Uphold account.
Include your Uphold login account.
Return to the web or mobile app version of Uphold.
Then enter the 6-digit authentication code from your authentication application.
Finally, press Next to update the 2FA app.
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